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There are many resources available to builders and developers and landscape professionals who adopt Florida-friendly and environmentally sound landscaping practices. Explore the links and resources below to learn more.
Landscape Professionals
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Univ. of Florida/IFAS Extension provides training in the landscape BMPs for professionals. Contact the UF/IFAS GI-BMP State Office at (352) 273-4517 or Email. Training and manuals are available in English and Spanish..
Latest information on turfgrass science and green industry best management practices for residential landscapes, sports turf, sod growers, and more.
The Extension Web Calendar lists continuing education classes for landscape professionals as well as members of the public.
Educational and certification resources for landscape and horticulture professionals.
Offers certification and educational programs and promotes best management practices in landscape maintenance.
Offers training and certification for irrigation professionals and promotes practices that conserve water and minimize runoff. FIS's website includes links to manufacturers of low-volume irrigation and water conservation systems.
Offers continuing education programs for landscape architects.
Downloadable Resources
Graphic link to download PDF Florida Friendly Best Management Practices
for Protection of Water
Resources by the Green Industries

(PDF - 1.1 MB)
English Version
Spanish Version
Graphic link to download PDF Guidelines for Model Ordinances for Protection of Water Quality and Quantity Using Florida-Friendly Landscaping
(PDF - 570kb)
Builders and Developers
FYN consults with and provides educational resources for builders and developers. Contact FYN's Builder and Developer Statewide Coordinator, at (352) 392-1831.
The Southwest Florida Water Management District provides support and educational materials for the Florida-Friendly Landscaping program.
Information about "green building" certification for builders and developers.
Promotes the adoption of best design, construction, and management practices in new residential community developments.
Offers consulting, educational and certification services to help developers and communities implement sustainable development practices.
Located in Sarasota County, the Florida House is a model home and landscape that features readily available, environmentally friendly materials and methods. The landscape is a model Florida Yard, demonstrating the use of native and drought-tolerant plants, micro-irrigation, composting, and ways to reduce harmful run-off.
Promotes awareness of sustainable business and development practices.
Conducts research and education in new technologies for managing stormwater.
Downloadable Resources
Graphic link to download PDF Stormwater BMP Selection and Implementation Manual
(PDF - 2.6 MB)
Graphic link to download PDF Guidelines for Model Ordinances for Protection of Water Quality and Quantity Using Florida-Friendly Landscaping
(PDF - 570kb)
Additional Resources
Integrated Pest Management
Extensive online resource covering all aspects of IPM for commercial and non-commercial applications.
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Florida DEP's Nonpoint Source Management Program site for BMP publications, model ordinances, and other educational material.
Florida DEP's Comprehensive watershed education resource.
Native and Florida-friendly Plant Resources
Locate wholesale and retail sources of Florida plants.
A database of nurseries and members of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association.
Information about all aspects of native plants in Florida.
Comprehensive database of trees recommended for Florida urban and suburban environments.
Comprehensive database of native and naturalized plants in Florida.
Springs and Springshed Protection
Florida Springs Initiative research, reports and contact information for protection of Florida's springs and springsheds.
An in-depth web production about springs.
Department of Community Affairs website including best practices and model land code for spring and springshed protection.
Florida Geological Survey's reports on springs and the aquifer.
Site provides comprehensive information about wetlands and wetland related issues in Florida.
Invasive Plant Control
The University of Florida's online resource for information about invasive plants.
Site includes in-depth information about University of Florida/IFAS's ongoing assessment of the invasive status of non-native plants.
Resources provided by the Florida DEP for invasive plant control and removal. image